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Something about 40


Something about 40 makes me want to shout and do a happy dance. I wish I was this focus early on in my life. Not having too many regrets but with the knowledge I have now, wish I had that in my 20’s. I was a mom at 18, no regrets there. I have a beautiful   daughter who have contributed to my growing up.

When I hit the 30’s, nothing felt different. I even forgot a couple times that I was the big 30. You often have to act your age,not sure what that quite meant. I just loved being me. My second daughter was born, changed my life. Lots of life changing events in the thirties. I’m somewhat a single mom or some might say on social media “relationship status” complicated.

Finally 40 and what a difference. Never thought 40 would be this good. I’m more motivated that I have ever been. It’s so funny now when you see your guy watching a younger chick you just smile and there is no jealously, an you say good luck with that. You so much more focus on important issues rather than petty shit,no drama, you feel sexier, you laugh harder, your confidence level is at an all time high and most of all you don’t give a shit about what people say, do or think.  Forty is freaking fabulous!!!!

Every time a woman turns 40, a Cougar is Born.

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