A cry for help

imageMy heart been touch by a personal situation, that keeps me up at night. Silent cries for help is hardly anything someone notices unless you been in that same place at one time in your life. Children behavior sometimes doesn’t always mean a tantrum, staying in the bedroom with no lights on doesn’t always mean they need quiet time, having an outburst doesn’t always mean they being disrespectful, playing videos games doesn’t always mean they are having fun but sometimes a cry for help!!!!

Personal story…… I have come across a beautiful soul as I see through my eyes, that causes my heart to shed tears. A child who has been abandon, who have experience the worse forms of verbal abuse, a mother saying ‘I don’t love you,’ A father who yells profanity at his frustrations toward the rebellious child, a sister who marely has conversations with a disrespectful brother. Shattering feelings must run through his veins daily at the voices he hear in his head. What thoughts goes through his mind when he is alone at night or playing violent video games. A perfect baby boy who didn’t ask to come into this world is now a child who goes unnoticed and is silently crying out for help through his words and actions. My mission is to let this child know he is loved, he is heard, he has a voice and he is not alone.

Whether by action or spoken word, parents are the implements that write the story of a child’s future!


A whole new world!

imageWhen you think it’s a whole new world, you are about to enter but later discover otherwise. Candy coated to attract you. Warm on the outside to soothe you, loving enough to make you feel safe, getting attention to make you feel important, doing and saying the right things not to make you question it. You think, ‘oh I have it good, I have it all, hit the jackpot!

At times we are blinded by what’s on the outside and it attracts us in a way that we can’t get to what’s on the inside, drawn in to a point of no return. In that moment that candy coated world is all you know, all you see,all you think until an avalanche erupts an all you feel is coldness.

In that moment of coldness you find the strength to find what you been searching for, what you imagined your world would be like. It’s an eye opener, you see your life for the first time in a very long time, your smile brightens up a room, your personality shines through and your confidence at an all time high. What a great feeling to discover  a whole new world you imagine and finally got to know

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it, if you can dream it you can become it.