Distance Means nothing when two hearts become one!


Distance means nothing when two hearts become one. Years ago  I had the most unexpected situation come up. I reconnected with a young man that grew up houses away from where I lived. Timing was perfect as I was getting over a broken marriage and thought I could have some fun with this person, a distraction if you will, what could go wrong, him being in a different country. Growing up in the same area meant that we knew the same people, our home accents kicked in whenever we spoke, we had the same slangs. It felt great having someone to talk to, we both got to know each other lives and didn’t judge, we had things in common  that drew us closer. As time went by we found ourselves not being able to go a few days without talking and texting. I found myself laying in bed thinking about this man, the gentleness in his voice.

One rainy day we sat before our computers on Skype no video chat, having a conversation and something incredible happen, this man saw right through me, he told me what I was feeling, he saw my tears streaming down my cheeks without seeing me and there and then we both knew that there was more to us than friends. Curiosity started to build up, the last we saw eacthother we were kids just seventeen years old. I was a bit shy not very confident in my body having two kids, gain weight so it was a nervous moment to make a decision to see him.

Our first Skype video chat, I had butterflies. I was so nervous. In as long as I could remember I never felt so freaking anxious. When our video call went through, we both sat there smiling at eacthother, not saying a word. It was an incredible moment. I wish that I could have reach over and hugged him. The longer we video chat,the more we texted and talked, our feelings were becoming stronger and we both wanted to see each other in person. Was it what I expected in the very beginning “NO” but it was exactly what I needed. The time is here, long waited to finally meet my very best friend, what feels like my soulmate if there is such a thing.

Together forever, never apart. Sometimes in distance but never in heart. 



Beautiful Tuesday morning, woke up feeling great. I had my day all planned out. I decided to make a pit stop on social media while I sip my coffee. All the inspirational quotes, friends and family updates, funny pictures, as I scroll down the news about a beautiful soul, high school acquaintance of many years gone to heaven, left behind a beautiful wife and two wonderful kids. A rush of sadness went through my body and immediate gone blank with only two questions how and why?

For many years those two question dangle in my mind when theirs  tragedy. I would often ask “Why God” or “How could God allow this to happen.” I never really got answers even when I tried to learn about religion. First I do believe, I know I didn’t drop from the sky or came out of a test tube but I do question why God allows these tragedies to happen. I often hear my hubby saying God knew the beginning and the end, and he wanted to give us the choice to make decisions. If he knew the beginning and the end he would already know what will happen. He would know Mary would have to watch her son be nailed and stoned on a cross, he would know Satan would betray him, he would know of wars, rapes, murders, disasters and diseases so, the question is Why?

My only explanation, my opinion….. Will be a very controversial statement. If God knew the beginning and the end, he knew if he gave us choices what they would be, the future then WHY and HOW did he allow these tragedies.

I call God long suffering and patient precisely because he permits evil in the world. I know that there is no evil in him and yet if there  is evil he is the author of it and yet untouched by it.

Taking things for granted


Not a writer, poet, blogger or any professional person but I am inspired to do and try most things. Sometimes in life we are unsure of our capabilities and instead of having a go at different things, we sulk and not even attempt to try anything and thus take things for granted. I’m attempting writing and realizing that I’m loving it, not great at it but  I’m not taking for granted that I have found great likeness for something and not putting it into practice. My life has somewhat changed recently, taking things for granted it’s not an option. Whether it’s waking up in the morning to a brand new day, having a hot meal, roof over my head, walk on the beach, breathing fresh air, let’s put our best foot forward, find our passion and never take for granted what we have and what we can do.

We take for granted how our mind puts everything together.