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Truth about Friendship

image.jpegFriendship is a beautiful union between two. True friendship is a relationship that has love, loyalty, respect, trust and remains unconditional. I have had a craving for friendship, and it all started, because I felt like I was the black sheep of my family. Not having the best relationship with my siblings, which I think is the first place we learn about friendship, the closeness that you see with other families. I yearned to have that, which probably makes me very vulnerable to open my heart to most people that enter in. I have to say that’s one of my weak point. I love to see the good in people, not one to pass judgement, not one to put my foot in their shoes, just to see the good. Today we are challenge by the meaning of friendship. We are put in impossible situations, to question if what you share is genuine or not. Over the years my craving have been slightly curbed. I have discovered that categorizing friendship can be of great importance. Maybe I’m going to be judged, for having to put friendship in categories, but we all do it just we are afraid to say it.

A friend who calls to say hello, don’t ask how you or your family is doing after months, but then in the same breath they invites themselves to your home. Friend for vacation use, save on hotel fees.

A friend who sees something on social media and calls then to find out who pisses  you off, who did something to hurt you or if you met someone. Friend that minding your business.

A friend who calls only to gossip of someone else, whom you both know. They are confident in you not to say anything .          Friend who is an informant.

Friend who calls you up for a nightcap, because they feel comfortable to have intimate relationship, satisfying their needs and yours as well. Friend with special benefits.

Friend who calls, text, you for no reason, ask about you and your day, your kids, your pets. To share a silly story or what they ate. Just to ole talk, laugh, lift you up, wipe your tears, always there even if they live cross country. A friend who is genuine.

Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only a true friends will leave footprints in your heart.


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